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Products & Services
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Standard chimney cleaning with level 1 inspection $190

Any additional standard chimney in same residence is $110 each

Wood Stoves and inserts with level 1 inspection $205

Level 1 Inspection only $125

Level 2/Camera Inspection $150

Standard chimney cleaning with level 2 inspection $215

Wood stoves and Inserts with Level 2 inspections $230


An on-site visual inspection is the only way to give you a solid estimate on crown seals or flashing jobs.  However, most standard size chimneys begin around $325.00 for either application.


We sell high quality stainless steel chimney caps that carry a lifetime warranty.

Most of these caps are $195 installed if they are one of the five standard sizes.  If they are a special order, they may be a bit higher.


Replacement dampers can be tricky, they key is to replace the damper with unit much more functional and air tight than a standard damper.  Our dampers are top-sealing Lymance and Lock-Top dampers.  These units install on the top of the flue, making them more efficient than other dampers.

These are typically $425.00 installed for most sizes.

Other Repair Work
We do a full line of repair work from relines to rebuilds.  We do all brick and mortar repairs both inside and out.  We also reline furnace flues.  We are happy to give you an estimate for work that needs to be done.  Just call and make an appointment!